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Imposed Meaning on the Meaningless

April 26, 2015

A pigeon in a street light
A shooting star tonight
I couldn’t help but to believe
Everything will be alright


April 9, 2015

Everyone is a bitch
Everyone is a snitch
We all cut or get cut
Ain’t that some shit?
Every choice is ours
Choose wisely
Life is hard
Quit your crying
Life is fucking hard
Die trying


April 6, 2015

Jagged rocks worn smooth
Blue/green water undulating
Surging, crashing, drawing back again
Soothing sounds of decay
Washing everything away
It’s the beautiful things that wear us down
Leave us aching with regret
Though we share this moment
We will surge, crash, and pull away
We can’t fight entropy
No matter how much we wish to stay
The waves will come
Wash everything away

The Struggle Continues

March 31, 2015

The more I see
The less I believe
Yeah, there’s beauty here
It’s just buried underneath
Below all the shit we keep
Dragging around
Waiting for it to cover the cost
To make up for all we have lost
The farther I fall
The less I feel
Yeah, I still feel pain
It just doesn’t really bother me
Comfortably numb to everything
Cold and alone
Waiting for something to break through
To connect me to you
The longer I’m alive
The more I die inside
Yeah, I’ll keep breathing
I just don’t care when it stops
It’s a war I’ve already lost
Waiting my turn
Searching for some meaning
Finding none in all our American dreaming

Hair of the Dog

March 12, 2015

Open my eyes
To all those bright lights
Is this heaven
Or am I just hungover again?
No one cares
No one knows
That’s the way this life goes
Lost my sense of wonder
Left to wander
Wherever this life goes
Middle class white male
Blessed and cursed
Biggest problem is this wicked thirst
While the world suffers
The less fortunate hurt
I wake with a headache
I am the worst
I could change
But first things first…

Cupid is no Marksman

March 7, 2015

I don’t have the heart
To tell all these lovers
They missed their mark
You can’t have a fire
Without a spark
Love is direct
Not a stab in the dark
What you’ve got there
Is just settling

Padded Room

March 5, 2015

Go on then
Keep searching for shelter
Keep chasing delusions
Red cape draped across your face
Safety is nowhere to be seen
The wind is cold
The rain stings
This is no place for soft dreams
The end is not an option
It is the end
It comes for us all
No matter how tall the wall


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