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Summer Slumber

June 25, 2015

It’s hot 

You proclaim

Let’s just lie where we lay

Let’s  remain

Tired and twisting and melting

Cars wrapped in flame on the side of the freeway 

We can escape the heat

Retreat into the shadows

Make our way down

To the basement

Don’t tell anyone

What was found 

in the basement

Maybe it’s best

We go our separate ways

Ghosts of the lives we saved

The lives we made

Ghosts of what it took to make the flame


June 17, 2015

Caught in an eddy 

Thoughts spinning around

Stronger than gravity

Pulling me down

This spiral is endless

Can’t touch the ground

There is no bottom

When you’re all that surrounds

Surrender to the current

Let yourself drown

Awake and Aware

June 5, 2015

Awash in excess

Lost in the masses

All masses of shit

Blood, dirt, and piss

Formed in the image

Of gods

Of men

Worshiping ourselves

Blacked out

Born again

I’m not from earth

At least I’m not like them

I will not repent

Never born again

Dream States

May 31, 2015

I’ve got this hunger

This appetite

These thoughts

These feels

Consume me tonight

Lying in the dirt

Among these rows of junipers

Jagged teeth against the faded sky

Our milky galaxy

Stretched out thin behind

Close your eyes

Feel everything open wide  

What does it matter where we go when we die?

Where will we go while we are still alive?


May 8, 2015

I have been creating songs using my poems under the name AdotLone. This is Erosion, which I wrote a while ago. I play banjo, guitar, and sing. All effects are stomp box effects. The only thing done on the computer is levels and compression. Thanks for reading/listening!

Jagged rocks worn smooth
Blue/green water undulating
Surging, crashing, drawing back again
Soothing sounds of decay
Washing everything away
It’s the beautiful things that wear us down
Leave us aching with regret
Though we share this moment
We will surge, crash, and pull away
We can’t fight entropy
No matter how much we wish to stay
The waves will come
Wash everything away

Imposed Meaning on the Meaningless

April 26, 2015

A pigeon in a street light
A shooting star tonight
I couldn’t help but to believe
Everything will be alright


April 9, 2015

Everyone is a bitch
Everyone is a snitch
We all cut or get cut
Ain’t that some shit?
Every choice is ours
Choose wisely
Life is hard
Quit your crying
Life is fucking hard
Die trying


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