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June 8, 2018

All I can do is decay

Come with me

It’s all I can do with each breath

It’s all I can do to make sense

Out of all the rules

Past and presentence

Entropy is physical

Entropy is mental

Entropy gives meaning to the meaningless existence

Put it together before it all falls apart

All I can do is decay

And that’s okay

Scared Right

January 12, 2017

We can’t be wrong 

When we are called the right

You can’t have our guns

You can have our will to fight

We won’t hurt anyone

We just can’t sleep at night

Too scared of our neighbors

Minds full of what’s out of sight

Don’t know what they would do

So we fear what they might

Forgotten Firsts

January 12, 2017

Frame creaks and groans

Under writhing bones

Over stifled moans

Your scent on my fingertips

Memories of slithering trees

Our first kiss 

Masked man asks

What is this?

Then returns to the woods

Did he even exist?

What is this?

Words fail

This exists

Always Alone

January 12, 2017

On my back on a roof

Eyes filled with the Milky Way

Stretched across the sky

Horizon to horizon

Ears drowned in swamp cooler sounds

Passing cars and TVs

Drones of our existence

Fighting for my attention

As bits of a comets close encounter

Break apart and streak across our atmosphere

Consumed by fire

Lost in the heat

Everything remains out of reach

Everything burns up before we meet 

It’s beautiful and strange to see

Take Five

January 12, 2017

Folding formations of finches in flight

Overlayed over ominous clouds lurking

Hinting at what they hold

Bright green hills cut through the grey

Soaked with weeks of rain

Slight sights of sun break through

Even storms must rest

Though they won’t wait for long

The maddening march of moisture must carry on

Sweet Dreams Infinite One

September 30, 2016

That’s right, your god is sleeping

While creepers creep

As tweakers are tweaking

While you’re filling seats

Pedophile preachers keep preaching

That’s right, your god is sleeping

While the rich get richer

As the poor beg to keep breathing

While we’re dropping bombs on the children of our enemies

As mothers huddle over their bodies, weeping

That’s right, your god is sleeping

While all creation devours itself

An alarm clock keeps beeping

While the world lives on without them

As you wake to find you’ve been dreaming

That’s right, your god is sleeping

Current Currents

July 30, 2016

Poured over

Pulled under

Lifted up

Despite all my efforts

It is never enough

I am a rock in the river

​Standing against the flow

Despite all my efforts

Water still gets where it goes

Reflecting in the shallows

In the dark depths far below

It’s a meaningless existence

Some drown 

Others float

I am a rock in the river

Standing against the flow

Despite all my efforts

I only erode