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Rise and Shine

July 16, 2016

Tell me about the moment your
spirit left your body

Leaving this ghost behind

This whisper of desire

Leaking through eyes wide

Dreaming of fire 

Falling from the sky

Raining down around 

Consume until it’s gone

Leaving only shadows

Shinning, silent, long

Gently slipping into dawn

April 15, 2016

The sadness hits like a red brick

Made from blood, sweat, and clay

By modern day slaves

Who sold their lives away

To afford to live another day

Believe Me

January 31, 2016

Crystals, prisms

Wizards, magicians

Mystics selling visions

Futures, fortunes

Love, death, and torture

We must pay for our sins

On hands and knees

Praying to dieties 

On hands and knees

Our heads in guillotines 

Losing our minds

Over what we could receive 

Losing our heads

Over what we should believe 


December 6, 2015

Every day I wake up

My eyes stay shut

Every day I wake up

It’s never enough

So I keep on 

Day dreaming

I keep on…

The cycle continues

A snake eats itself

The cycle continues

Threading between heaven and hell

So I keep on 

Day dreaming

I keep on…

All this world needs

Is love and hate and greed and death

All this world has

Is love and hate and greed and death

Every day I wake up

There’s love and hate and greed and death

Every day I wake up

I take what I need and leave the rest 

Existential Entropy

October 6, 2015

I didn’t make the rules

They made themselves

It’s science

Not heaven and hell

The entire universe

Returns to itself

Epanding contractions

Contradicting thoughts

Made clear when clearing the mind

No such thing as distance and time

These are ideas meant to define

Definitions only confine

Nothing is out of place

Nothing has a place

We are all floating in the infinite

Our only direction is inward

Expressed outward

We measured and quantified

Trying to hold onto life

While our energy is immortal 

We still die

Everything continues

We just close our eyes

Day to Day

September 23, 2015

We waste our time

Fill in the gaps 

Between the cracks




Shut up

And laugh

It doesn’t mean what you think it means

Chapters in a vivid dream

Repeated visions 

Each ends in falling


Summer Slumber

June 25, 2015

It’s hot 

You proclaim

Let’s just lie where we lay

Let’s  remain

Tired and twisting and melting

Cars wrapped in flame on the side of the freeway 

We can escape the heat

Retreat into the shadows

Make our way down

To the basement

Don’t tell anyone

What was found 

in the basement

Maybe it’s best

We go our separate ways

Ghosts of the lives we saved

The lives we made

Ghosts of what it took to make the flame


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