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Units of Measure

July 23, 2014

Looking up through the slats
As we lay on our backs
Watching the cracks connect
Each second blurs to the next
Flows through space
Interrupted only by time
It’s our quest to quantify
That causes the divide
Square peg in square hole
Round in round
It comes from the same pile
It ends in the same pile
The only difference is the path
It’s as simple as A to B
With all our walls it’s hard to see
Life’s more than a maze
More than a game
Life is unquantifiable
We are the same

Speed of Light

July 16, 2014

Head in helmet
Face of glass
Tinted black
Watching the world pass
Between the gap of outstretched arms
Reaching for things that cannot be grasped
That life is gone
There is no going back
Forward can’t be the way we came
Time to forget the past
Find another way
Turn towards the stars and push on
There are no days out here
Only space
No oxygen
No sounds
Only space
No lovers
No regrets
Only beams of light shooting past
Warming our backs
As we travel into the black
Finding our way at last


July 6, 2014

Sickle moon slung low in the night sky
Just outside my window
Reminding us all
We reap what we sow
I don’t know though
I can’t remember what seeds I got
What seeds I tossed to the wind
Only to sprout
And return to me again
Was I so careless with my youth?
Did I not understand the consequence?
Or am I being overrun by other peoples shit?

Observation Deck

July 6, 2014

An empty shell
A folded sweater
Wish I could care, but whatever
Wish I had the time and desire
Truth is my heart has never been on fire
Truth is I’m a liar
I burn every day
It’s just not the same


June 14, 2014

Been wandering so long
My legs are sore
Been alone so long
Forgot what my heart was for
It just kept the pace
Nothing more
Lets pick up the pace
There is more in store

Put It On My Tab

June 5, 2014

The early bird has to wait for it
The late ones have to sift through what’s left
Either way we all have to pay for it
Every second
Every breath
We are on a timeline
A dot on a line
Between two points
Beginning and end
That’s you and I friend
Sometimes we intersect
Run parallel for a while
Together yet separate
When the time comes
We are all divided
Pulled apart
Tallied up
We can’t afford the cost

Endless Entropy

June 4, 2014

Flailing limbs
Trying to swim
Fighting the urge
To pull apart with the universe
Every particle
Drifting away from every particle
Taking steps to stay
In this moment
Just a moment longer
Let the pull grow stronger
Let the sun begin to fade
Let the world fall away
Let us remain


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