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Crossing Lines

April 5, 2014

Twisted shape of a fallen tree
Roots and branches intermingling
We are fucking eachother
Only fucking ourselves
Turning all our heavens
Into our own hells
Pointing crooked gnarled fingers
At everyone else
Twisting around
Back upon ourself
The truth hurts
Pain we wish we never felt
There is no escape
When you are running from yourself

Ocean Orange

March 12, 2014

The taste of citrus on my lips
The sound of waves crashing on the coast
Crushing dreams into sand in my ears
The deep yawning blue is my view
Gently sloping off into nothing
The soft arc is all that separates me from you

Another Drink

March 3, 2014

Consumed in the crowd
Nursing whiskey from a flask
Heart beating hard and fast
Part of me feels I should quit
The rest craves another sip
I came here to get fucked up and forget
Who cares who thinks I’m an alcoholic
I’m not like them
They’re not like me
Why can’t we learn to agree to disagree?
Let’s let eachother be

The Simple Pleasures of Being Alive

February 8, 2014

I’m a simple man
I don’t need much
A little talk
A little touch
The simple things
Are more than enough
Tear me down
Build me up
Get me back on my feet
Then kick out the crutch
We don’t have to last
We don’t have to fuck
Just whisper in my ear
Let our bodies touch
I’m a simple man
I don’t need much

The Shadow

January 16, 2014

I’ve been hiding
In the folds of time
I’ve been hiding
In the furrowed lines
Gnarled oak branches
Reaching toward the sky
Matted fur falling
From bones where they lie
This isn’t my first time
At deaths bed side
This isn’t my first time
Yet I still cry
One thing we can’t escape
One truth we cannot hide
Young and old eyes close
As they breathe their last and die
Try following the vapors
Searching for vespers
Comfort in the thought
We still exist in the shadows
Under the floorboards
Around every corner
Creek and groan
Shriek and moan
It’s just an old house settling
They all left long ago

Snake Eyes

January 15, 2014

I’m a gambling man
Every day a wager
Between life and death
Every breath
A pull of the handle
A roll of the dice
The race has started
Place your bets
Some say I risk too much
I havent lost yet


January 14, 2014

Sharp silhouettes of birds
Cutting across the setting sun
Still burn as I turn
Man in the Moon
Sitting large and low
Above the mountains in the East
Looking down
Quick to come undone
Slow to pickup the pieces
Years to find the fit
Under that full pale face
Looking down
I feel I found my fit


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