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Falling Feeling

October 16, 2014

I’ve been that dark cloud in the distance
Holding onto the rain
Waiting until I am too full
Until I must let go
As it all falls away I find
I don’t need this
This pain
This hate
This shit
I could dissolve into nothing
Float transparent
Present yet unaffected
Empty yet full of every moment
As it passes
The warmth in your eyes as you smile
Radiates through every particle
Filling me with desire
Setting me free
Seeing visions
Ghosts of dreams
Floating transparent
Filled with everything

The Lover

October 5, 2014

Secrets are meant for keeping
Each piece put together loses meaning
I just let them go
I’ve seen all these faces
I’ve watched them all grow
Each piece put together loses meaning
I’d rather not know
Hold onto the memories
The stories that were told
Overlooking all the changes
How quickly we grow old
Seems like yesterday
We’d kiss and say
The future is like a gaping maw
Ever open wide
We must be consumed
To see the other side
Too scared to step through
Too scared to sacrifice
When it comes to keeping secrets
I would rather remain alive

Ladies and Gentlemen

October 4, 2014

I like sheep
Sheep don’t like me
All it takes is a flash of teeth
And they leave
Leave me to the wolves
It’s better this way
I don’t care for the taste of wool anyway
I’m not a wolf
I’m something worse
I am a man with a thirst
No fear of the pack
No desire to lead
Just bleed and let bleed

Look Through The Mirror

September 26, 2014

You’ve reached the edge
You’ve reached the end
You could turn around
Relive the day again
Wake up
Dress up
Show up
Swallow yourself
Take part in the infinite, repeating, pointless, ouroboros
Take that final step
That final breath
Learn to fly
See what’s on the other side
Out here it’s live or die
Fear not, friend
We all die someday
There is no survival
No eternal flame
Only this little while
Don’t waste it repeating


September 13, 2014

Feel the disconnect
Step back into black
Wrapped in the infinite
Too far for gravity
Let the gentle pull of entropy
Slowly pull us apart
Drift and float
Like dreams and smoke
Lost in the expanding expanse


September 4, 2014

Everyone look at me
Stop looking at me
I am the rock that does not rock
I am a tree in a parking lot
I am held together
By everything I’m not
I am a folded blanket
I am the space between
I am my brothers and sisters
I am my enemies
I am the existential journey
I am not what I seem
How am I not myself?
I am me
I am the pain between the pain
I am forgotten memories
I am signed head shots of the bell boy
I am pure joy
I am what happens in the meadow at dusk
I am getting fucked in the mud
I am all that you will ever see
Ever need
Ever be
Jesus is mad at me

Universal Transmissions

August 21, 2014

City lights obscure a three quarter moon
I will be soon
For now I watch the sky
Searching for evidence I’m not alone
Past these dull yellowed lights
Past the dull yellowed sky
Amongst all the stars
Each one an all seeing eye
Somehow missing me
As I drift by


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